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15.10. Responsibilities

a. Prosthetic Representative. The Prosthetic Representative will: 

   (1) Review VA Form 10-8678, Application for Annual Clothing Allowance; VA Form 21-6796, Rating Decision; VA Form 10-2319, Record of Prosthetic Services, SHARE, VETSNET and other medical documentation to determine entitlement for the clothing
allowance benefit; 

   (2) Determine entitlement, consult and notify the Veteran in writing of entitlement status whether the decision is favorable or unfavorable; 

   (3) Consult appropriate clinician (e.g., VHA clinician, Orthotist, Prosthetist, or Pharmacist) on clinical determinations. See paragraph 6 of this Handbook to determine when clinical evaluations/re-evaluations are warranted. 

   (4) Generate and/or authorize award actions using VETSNET; 

   (5) Record decisions in the Veterans Prosthetic Record using procedures in paragraph 9 of this Handbook; and 

   (6) Complete and file Statement of Case, when necessary. 

   b. Clothing Allowance Super Users. The Clothing Allowance Super Users (e.g., Chief of Prosthetics, Supervisory Prosthetic Representatives, Subject Matter Experts, etc.) will:

   (1) Assist with identifying technical and system issues by reporting them to the PSAS and VBA’s Central Offices; 

   (2) Assist with completing necessary paperwork for access to VETSNET; 

   (3) Provide refresher training at the VA medical facility and VISN levels; 

   (4) Partner and collaborate with VBA’s Clothing Allowance Coordinators, other Clothing Allowance Super Users, and Prosthetic Representatives to streamline processes and procedures; 

   (5) Verify and authorize award action, if the Veteran is eligible for more than three clothing allowances; and 

   (6) Coordinate and collaborate with VBA’s Clothing Allowance Coordinators.

   c. Veterans Benefit Administration. VBA will:

   (1) Notify eligible Veterans on an annual basis on how to apply for the annual clothing allowance benefit; 

   (a) The anniversary date will depend on when the Veteran is notified of his or her rating decision. 

   (b) Each annual clothing allowance application requires eligibility on or before August 1 of the year for which payment is requested (e.g., A Veteran eligible as of July 1, 2013, is entitled to receive the 2013 clothing allowance benefit) (see Appendix B). 

NOTE: (If a Veterans status is static/recurring and receives an annual clothing allowance he or she will continue to receive a recurring automatic payment without having to reapply each year. However, as of August 1, 2012, if the Veterans status is static/recurring and applies or receives more than one clothing allowance, he or she MUST RE-APPLY each year. A Veteran who applies for the first time after August 1, 2012 must APPLY on an annual basis). 

(2) Designate and provide VHA’s Prosthetic Representatives with updated information for all Clothing Allowance Coordinators on a semi-annual basis; and 

(3) Provide resources to VHA upon request on data management, Information Technology support, and appropriation management, training, and updated User Guides.

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