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15.6. Clinical Evaluations/Re-Evaluations

a. If insufficient medical evidence of record exists to award the claim, then, a clinical review and/or physical evaluation of the prosthetic, orthopedic appliance, and/or skin medication is warranted. As part of the clinical review, the Under Secretary for Health designee will require the Veteran to provide the prosthetic, orthopedic appliance, or skin medication to assist with making an entitlement decision.

b. The treating physician will re-evaluate the Veteran to determine whether the prosthetic, orthopedic appliance or skin medication is still medically necessary for their service-connected disability or disabilities. An annual re-evaluation of the Veterans prosthetic, orthopedic appliance or skin medication is recommended. NOTE: In no circumstances will the Veteran be instructed to provide any articles of clothing for clinical evaluations/reevaluations (e.g., requiring Veterans to bring in clothing to VA medical facility). For unusual circumstances Veterans can submit pictures to certify their prescribed prosthetic or orthopedic appliance, or skin medication causes wear, tear or irreparable staining. Submission of pictures by the Veteran is considered sufficient evidence.

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