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10.1. Transportation

Transportation is a critical element in improving the quality of life for the Veteran with SCI/D; otherwise, the Veteran is essentially homebound.

  1. Driving Evaluation and Management Services. Driving evaluation and management services are available for Veterans with SCI/D at VHA's Driver Rehabilitation Programs. Highly specialized driving adaptations, such as uni- or joystick controls, may only be available at a Driver Rehabilitation Program that is associated with an SCI Center.
  2. Referrals for Driver Training. If the Veteran has not had driver training and is capable of operating a motor vehicle, referral to the nearest SCI Center or medical center with a formal driver training program is appropriate. Requests for adaptive equipment must be referred to the Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) for action and disposition.
  3. Travel. Veterans requesting mileage reimbursement or in need of special mode transportation in relation to their VA medical treatment need to be referred to the Beneficiary Travel department for eligibility determination. Travel eligibility is based upon title 38 CFR Part 70. For those not meeting travel eligibility or for travel unrelated to medical care, public transportation and community resources should be explored (e.g., public transit, American Red Cross, local churches, etc).


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