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6.10. Dual Providers

Veterans with SCI/D may be assigned to more than one SCI/D PCT in the hub and spoke system of care due to the shared responsibility for caring for these Veterans. SCI/D primary care is basic or general health care provided at all VA medical centers. Usually this care is for common illnesses and health maintenance and is provided at the VA medical facility closest to the Veteran's home.

NOTE: What may be a relatively minor symptom or problem in the person without SCI/D may herald a grave and even life-threatening problem for the individual with SCI/D. SCI/D Support Clinics and SCI/D PCTs must be familiar with basic SCI/D related primary care (e.g., fracture risk due to early onset osteoporosis, hypertensive episodes related to autonomic dysreflexia, frequent urinary tract infections related to the use of catheters) and SCI/D-specific CPGs.


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