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3.9. Guiding Questions for Section 3

The Guiding Questions presented at the end of this section are provided to help you begin to identify the important questions to be asking yourself as you gear up to your future employment and education opportunities.  

  1. Do I know what GI Bill benefits I am entitled to? 
  2. Have I applied for benefits?
  3. Recognizing that a stamp of "veteran-friendly" is highly subjective, how am I going to determine if a school is right for me?
  4. What are my plans to get involved on campus? 
  5. Will I want to seek out a school that offers veteran-specific coursework? 
  6. What academic accommodations might I need as a student veteran with a disability? 
  7. If I'm not sure, how can I find out?
  8. Knowing the adjustment to school could be a difficult one (both as a veteran and a student with a disability), who can I reach out to? 
  9. Who will be my sounding board?

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