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2.5. Visit and Ask Questions

Student organizations, in general, tend to provide a vehicle for students with similar interests to organize.  Student veteran organizations on campus can help veterans to connect with each other – and can offer advice on the transition from the military to campus and from campus to career.  If connecting with other student veterans through a student veteran organization is important to you, be sure to include this research as you search for the school that is right for you.  You may find this in a large organization, such as SVA, at https://studentveterans.org/ with chapters all over the country, or a small group of interested and committed students on campus. 

If you are considering pursuing your education in an online environment, ask yourself the following questions (and be honest with your answers):

If you can't say with certainty that an online education will be the best fit for you, talk with the school's admissions coordinator.  Find out if there is an elective class or maybe even an "introduction to college for veterans" class you can take.

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