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14.3. How To Check Claims Status

There are several ways for a claimant to accurately and directly get the status of a claim:

  1. VSO Contact: You can call your VSO, Veteran Service Organization, who filed your claim with the VA. Veteran Service Organizations have access to the same VA computer tracking systems as the VAROs and the call centers and can also provide their clients with the status as shown in those systems.   
  2. VA National Claim and Benefit Information Call Center: You can call 800-827-1000 and receive a status update from the VA, after providing identifying information. 
  3. VA Regional Office: You can physically go to the public service desk of your local VA Regional Office.  Provide photo ID and your social security number or VA file number and the service desk representative can answer your questions.
  4. eBenefits: You can go online to ebenfits and register.  However, eBenfits is not always reliable.  The VA contracts the eBenefits service from another company.  Vets have often expressed frustration with the service for not uploading documents correctly, complaints that documents in ebenefits are not in the VA system, complaints that the information is not accurate and updates are not current.




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