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1.1. Introduction

VETSFIRST created this KNOWLEDGE BOOK to guide veterans, family members, and those assisting them, in successfully applying for benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA"). Each of the parts of this KNOWLEDGE BOOK is intended to allow users to quickly find the information that they are looking for and to identify related information for further review. To accomplish this goal, VETSFIRST has developed this KNOWLEDGE BOOK  to:

  1. briefly describe the VA benefits process; 
  2. explain how to prepare and submit an application for VA benefits; 
  3. identify and discuss the legal basis for VA's rules, processes, and policies;
  4. discuss information requirements and provide suggestions to improve applications involving specific conditions; and 
  5. provide a wide range of supporting information and links to useful websites.

Using the KNOWLEDGE BOOK information, a veteran or family member can quickly find how to generally file an application, gain an understanding of the applicable rules and regulations, review the requirements for an award for a specific condition, or determine how best to respond to a VA question.

VETSFIRST hopes that you will find this KNOWLEDGE BOOK helpful and a useful resource whether you are considering submitting your first application for VA benefits, researching an appeal, or assisting another claimant in responding to a VA request or notice.

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