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17.11. Procurement of Equipment

a. Individual Users

(1) Each VISN needs to procure CCHT equipment for individual patients use following VHA Handbook 1730.1, and applicable VA Acquisition Regulations (VAAR) or Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). As appropriate, National PCMP Contracts and/or Blanket Purchase Agreements must be utilized. The VISN CCHT Lead collaborates with their counterparts in the VISN office, facility Care Coordinators, and PSAS to decide on the number and type of technology needed to be purchased for inventory.

(2) The CCHT items in the PIP are included in the 30-day inventory rule defined in VHA Handbook 1173.2 and in the monthly PIP reports. Placing equipment in the PIP allows VA Central Office to utilize a national nomenclature to track CCHT dollars expended on devices being held in inventory waiting to be prescribed and issued to patients.

(3) Procurement decisions regarding CCHT equipment are made by each VISN. Each facility Care Coordinator needs to work with the facility PSAS to place an order.

(4) Once the CCHT equipment is procured, the equipment must be entered into the PIP at the purchasing facility.

b. Multiple Users. No procurement of CCHT equipment for the Medical Center is to be procured from PSAS funding.

(1) Prosthetic funding is to be used strictly for individual patient orders. Procurement of equipment purchased for multiple users is at the discretion of the VISN; however, this procurement must be approved by the VISN CCHT Lead, or designee, and is considered Medical Center equipment.

(2) This equipment needs to be purchased and tracked following local purchasing procedures for non-expendable medical equipment.

(3) An example of a device with multiple users would be one being used in an assisted living facility by several patients. This type of device is considered medical center equipment and is not to be included in PIP because it is not assigned to one individual patient; it is not to be purchased with PSAS specific purpose funds.


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