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16.16. Standards

a. Productivity

(1) It is necessary in any medical program to have the capabilities of judging the effective utilization of such a program. There may be a need to determine upgrading, counseling, or possible termination efforts in the conduct of one or more of the designated facilities.

(2) Three categories of evaluation currently exist to provide the basis for productivity:

(a) Number of annual referrals to the program,

(b) Number of annual training hours provided in the program, and

(c) The amount of time each instructor gives to the program.

(3) New methods of measuring productivity including use of Event Capture, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes, and International Classification of Diagnoses, Clinical Modifications, 9th Edition (ICD-9-CM) Codes are being incorporated into the Decision Support System (DSS) as new means for effectively measuring productivity and costs. All driver rehabilitation clinics need to have stop code 230 in the primary credit position. The secondary credit stop code should be devoted to the discipline providing the training, such as 214 for Kinesiotherapy, 206 for Occupational Therapy, 205 for Physical Therapy, etc. NOTE: The Coordinator of the Driver Rehabilitation Program, VHA Central Office, reviews the Annual Reports to assess existing workload and productivity. Consideration is given to those medical facilities in isolated geographic areas where veteran activity is known to be low.

(4) Specific workload data must be maintained by the PM&RS Program Office (117).

b. Nonproductivity. Efforts must be made to review the annual report data from each facility; to determine those driver rehabilitation centers which do not meet these standards over an established period of time; and to recommend termination or intensive upgrading of delinquent centers. All such action is to be cleared through the appropriate VISN and the Office of PM&RS, VHA Central Office.

c. Accreditation. Driver Rehabilitation programs that are a part of a programming that is CARF accredited must adhere to the applicable CARF Standards.


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