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16.6. Other Requirements

   a. Rotation of Instructors. Rotation of instructors is highly detrimental to the success and quality of VA’s Driver Rehabilitation Program. A considerable amount of money and training time is invested in preparing the designated instructors for this role.  The product of this training, the qualified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, must demonstrate abilities, attitudes, and capabilities to provide the highest quality of service in driver rehabilitation to the Veteran. The knowledge, skills, teaching expertise, and tools utilized by the therapist in driver rehabilitation are different and unique skills than those needed in other treatment areas, and cannot be readily acquired.

   b. Safety Performance Standards. Safety Performance Standards for the conduct of VA’s Driver Rehabilitation Program must be developed and published as part of each Driver Rehabilitation Specialist’s annual performance appraisal.

   c. Public Information. The Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and other key leadership staff members need to ensure that Veterans and eligible Servicemembers are aware of the existence of the program and the referral mechanisms needed for enrollment.

   d. Study and Research. Research activities in Driver Rehabilitation Programs for the disabled are encouraged. Research and other forms of independent study are important avenues of improving local programs and providing additional visibility to driver rehabilitation activities, and they need to be supported at all VA driver rehabilitation centers. NOTE: Competent proposals for study and/or research must be reviewed for approval and possible funding by the Coordinator, VA Driver Rehabilitation Program, VHA Central Office and by Rehabilitation Research and Development (10P9).  These studies are to be conducted with the approval of the local Research and Development (R&D) Committee and coordinated through the local ACOS for R&D.


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