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16.4. Scope

a. Driver rehabilitation provides Veterans with disabilities (inpatients or outpatients in accordance with P. L. 93-538) appropriate assistance in acquiring skills that make it possible for them to qualify to drive their own vehicles.

(1) Evaluation and assessment are provided to eligible patients having a variety of limiting physical and mental disabilities, whether chronic or progressive-degenerative.

(2) Patients referred to the VA's Driver Rehabilitation Program suffer from a wide range of physical and mental disabilities. Basic instructional techniques in driver education and training are common in many disabilities. Specific and isolated disabilities could require special evaluation and adaptations; i.e., C4 or C5 tetraplegia or triplegia. The multi-modal evaluation and training program is necessitated by those disabilities which are not common to the conventional norm of the disabled population; i.e., Veterans with disabilities using very sophisticated vehicles or training equipment.

b. The program provides assistance in the selection of an appropriate vehicle and equipment for the Veteran with disabilities;thereby increasing mobility and allowing the individual the opportunity to independently enter the mainstream of society.

c. Evaluation and consultative services are provided to Veterans with severe disabilities and family/caregivers who require special considerations to safely ride as a passenger, including ingress and egress of the individual's private vehicle.


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