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16.2. Background

   a. This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) directive: 

   (1) Provides policy for VA medical facilities with basic information on the operation, application, and procedures involved in the VA Driver Rehabilitation Program; and

   (2) Delineates general and specific policy to designated Driver Rehabilitation Specialists and to members of the VA medical facility’s administrative and supporting staff regarding the purpose, scope, procedures, and technicalities of VA’s comprehensive Driver Rehabilitation Program for Veterans and Servicemembers with disabilities. 

    b. To facilitate implementation of this program, VA has: 

   (1) Established driver training facilities for Veterans with disabilities throughout the United States (see Appendix A for current list);

   (2) Purchased specially equipped vehicles;

   (3) Designated, funded, and trained Driver Rehabilitation Specialists;

   (4) Authorized, purchased, and installed add-on adaptive equipment; and

   (5) Purchased high-level training equipment (e.g., simulators, high-tech driving systems, etc.).

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