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14.10. Responsibilities of the Chief, PSAS

The Chief, P&SAS, or designee, is to:

a. Actively publicize the HISA Programs in order to identify eligible veterans and inform them of their benefits.

b. Assist designated Committee members in becoming familiar with the applicable guidelines for administering the HISA Program.

c. Screen applications to ensure that:

(1) There is no duplication of benefits,

(2) The benefit is used appropriately, and

(3) The application is complete prior to presentation to the HISA Committee.

d. Present the complete application to the Committee members for approval or disapproval.

e. Communicate the Committee's decision to the applicant.

f. Authorize the licensed or bonded contractor to proceed with the project, if approved.

g. Review the SAH benefits as administered by VBA to avoid any duplication of benefits, e.g., SAH provision of accessible bathroom would eliminate future need for bathroom modifications, central air conditioning provided under SAH cannot be repaired or replaced under HISA, etc.

h. Administer the appropriate obligations to the contractor to facilitate the completion of the approved project. If a licensed or bonded contractor is not utilized, the Chief, P&SAS, is responsible for notifying the facility Engineering Service at the local facility to inspect the property to ensure compliance with established guidelines.

i. Authorize claims for prompt payment, or reimbursement, of costs or services performed (without prior authorization), when:

(1) The veteran meets both the legal eligibility and medical criteria for the modifications for which reimbursement is sought, and

(2) The claim is submitted within 30 days of the date that the improvement or alteration was performed, or

(3) Documented evidence indicates that an application was made for the actual home modification, or a VA physician recommended furnishing the improvement or alteration before the work was performed. NOTE: Follow-up on approved projects as to the status is the responsibility of the Chief, P&SAS.

j. Ensure, that if the work on a project has begun and is cancelled for any reason (i.e., veteran death or relocation, etc.), the vendor is paid for the portion of the work completed.

k. Perform random inspections of fifteen projects per year where the VA provided modifications. Any deficiencies noted during the inspections must be addressed accordingly by the Chief of Prosthetics. (12) Ensure all projects are completed in compliance with Minimum Property Requirements (see subpar. 3c).


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