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12.14. Procedures for Furnished Repairs

a. When repairs to eyeglasses are to be obtained from the optical vendor who provided them initially, the following procedures apply:

(1) If one or both lenses are broken and there is any indication that the beneficiary's vision has changed, or if it has been more than 1 year since the beneficiary's eyes were last examined, the beneficiary is to be referred to an ophthalmologist or optometrist before new lenses are ordered.

(2) If one or both lenses are broken, the prescription is less than a year old, and there is no indication of a change in the beneficiary's vision, the local prosthetic activity prepares the appropriate procurement documentation, copies the lens instructions from the previous prescription in the beneficiary's CHR, and gives a description of the necessary repairs.

(3) If no lens is broken, but repair of the frame or a new frame is required, appropriate procurement documentation is to be prepared in the usual manner.

b. To ensure the appropriate level of care for beneficiaries, local procurement is preferred to contracts.


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