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12.6. Replacement Eyeglasses

a. Replacement of corrective eyeglasses necessitated by fair wear and tear, loss or breakage due to circumstances beyond the control of the beneficiary, or due to required change of prescription, may be made at any time for VA beneficiaries who are enrolled.

(1) When replacement eyeglasses are prescribed because of a change in refractive error, the change must require at least an increase in sphere, cylinder and/or power as follows:

Sphere Power of + or - .25 diopter

Cylinder Power of + or - .50 diopter

Axis change of:

+ or - .25 to .75 diopters 5 degrees

+ or - 1.00 to 2.00 diopters 3 degrees

+ or - 2.25 or more 2 degrees

(2) Replacement eyeglasses can be prescribed at any time due to required refractive change of prescription to improve one line of visual acuity.

NOTE: Appropriate prescriptions and resultant sphere, cylinder and/or axis changes must be determined by the examining ophthalmologist or optometrist. Replacement eyeglasses are procured and issued in the same manner as the initial prescription when the criteria are met.

b. Eyeglasses will not be replaced because of availability of newer technology, unless there is evidence that it will significantly benefit the veteran. NOTE: Eyeglasses are not to be replaced solely for cosmetic purposes.

c. Multiple replacement eyeglasses within a relatively short period of time due to excessive wear, tear, or loss may be addressed on an individual basis by the local VA facility.


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