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9.2. Scope

a. Arch supports, shoe modifications, functional foot orthotics, all inlay shoes, healing shoes, custom-made orthopedic shoes and alternative footwear must be provided to beneficiaries who are eligible for prosthetic services in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in VHA Handbook 1173.1, VHA Handbook 1173.2, and this Handbook.

NOTE: The footwear prescription criteria contained in Appendix A are the basis from which determinations are generally made to provide orthopedic footwear, shoe modifications, or orthotics.

b. All prescriptions for orthopedic footwear, modifications or functional foot orthotics must be reviewed by the Prosthetic Representative, Chief of the Prosthetic Clinic Team, or designee, for program compliance. The authorization of appliances for conditions other than those stated in the prescription criteria contained in Appendix A will only be granted when the foot disorder cannot be accommodated or treated with the appliance listed. The most medically and cost- effective method for treatment of the disability is to be used. Custom-made orthopedic shoes need to be authorized only when all other footwear options have been considered.


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