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8.3. Scope

a. Medical equipment, supplies and accessories are procured for, and issued or loaned to, eligible veterans upon receipt of a medical prescription in accordance with the procedures for providing treatment contained in VHA Handbook 1173.01, VHA Handbook 1173.02, and the special instructions contained in this Handbook. Strict adherence to the procedures concerning loaned equipment is required.

b. Medical supplies are normally provided by the Pharmacy Service; however, local circumstances may necessitate the involvement of the Prosthetic Service in the purchase of some items. Prosthetics Representatives must remain flexible and provide those items necessary in the interest of patient care. When circumstances require Prosthetic Service to be the primary provider of the medical supplies, documentation must be present for multi-level review.

c. Prosthetic Services are responsible for providing home oxygen equipment, accessories, and contract management. NOTE: For further information regarding home oxygen, see VHA Handbook 1173.13 and the Clinical Practice Recommendation (CPR) found at: https://www.prosthetics.va.gov/psas/CPR.asp

d. The use of a competitively bid, locally-awarded beneficiary service contract may be considered for the delivery, set up, recovery, reissue, maintenance, and storage of medical equipment. This type contract needs to be considered if it will improve service and if the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility does not have the available internal resources to provide timely delivery and set-up in a veteran's home. The use of this type of contract is optional and supplemental methods may be indicated depending on local conditions. Purchase of devices through locally-awarded beneficiary service contracts may also be considered for devices not available for procurement from Prosthetic Clinical Management (PCM) mandatory contracts.


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