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6.7. Repairs

a. Repairs may be obtained through local sources on the authority provided by VA Form 10-2501, Prosthetic Service Card (PSC), and VA Form 10-2421 (ADP), Prosthetic Authorization for Items or Services, a Purchase Card, or through local VA repair facilities.

b. Wheelchairs need to be repaired if the cost of the repair is less than one-half the cost of replacement. The Prosthetic Representative, or designee, determines whether it is more practical, from an economical standpoint, to repair or to replace the wheelchair. In cases of substantial repairs, the wheelchair needs to be shipped or delivered to the respective health care facility for inspection; or arrangements must be made for a repair shop to furnish a complete assessment or repair estimate before the approval of repair is granted.

c. The expense of a wheelchair repair incurred without prior authorization for a veteran with a service-connected disability or a veteran with other continuing eligibility, may be paid or furnished on the basis of a timely-filed claim if:

(1) Obtaining the repairs locally was necessary, expedient, and not a matter of preference over using authorized sources; and

(2) It is determined that the costs were not excessive or unreasonable. NOTE: If it is determined that the costs were excessive or unreasonable, the claim may be allowed to the extent the costs were deemed reasonable, and the remainder disallowed.

d. Expense for damages to wheelchairs that were intentional or caused by negligence are the responsibility of the VA beneficiary.

e. Eligible beneficiaries are issued a PSC upon initial issue of the wheelchair. The PSC pre- authorizes repairs to the specific wheelchairs listed on it, not to exceed the current dollar limitation. Repairs exceeding this limitation may be approved by telephone with a follow-up repair authorization by the VA beneficiary 's Prosthetics Representative. NOTE: Form Letter (FL) 10-55, Authorization to Repair Prosthetic Appliance, may be used for this purpose.

NOTE: Repairs and/or replacements for wheelchairs not furnished by a facility will be provided once a patient is enrolled at the new referral facility. Prosthetic staff is required to input the item(s) to be repaired into the patient's VA Form 10-2319, Record of Prosthetic Services, as historical data for tracking purposes. If a replacement is deemed necessary, follow procedures outlined in paragraph 6.


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