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6.6. Wheelchair Replacement

NOTE: Replacement wheelchairs may not be authorized merely because a new model is manufactured or solely because a wheelchair has been in use for a particular length of time.

a. Replacement wheelchairs may be authorized without personal examination of the patient and/or the wheelchair if the Prosthetic representative has sufficient knowledge of the case to determine that there are no new medical problems and one of the following conditions exists:

(1) The repair costs exceed one-half of the replacement costs.

(2) Loss or destruction was due to circumstances beyond the control of the veteran. If negligence or willful action is established, the local Prosthetic Representative determines whether a replacement may be issued, dependent upon the circumstances. NOTE: Prosthetic Program officials in VHA Central Office may be consulted for an opinion.

b. When a wheelchair no longer meets the patients needs due to change in medical condition, the patient is required to obtain a new prescription through PM&RS or SCI.

c. In those instances where the wheelchair prescription has changed and the wheelchair in the patient's possession is still serviceable and not intended to be used as a spare, the Prosthetic Service must recover the chair for reissue.


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