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6.5. Spare Wheelchairs

a. Veterans who are eligible for outpatient services and require the constant and continued use of a wheelchair are to be furnished a second manual wheelchair of equal quality when the prescribing physician and/or Prosthetic Representative have established that the absence of a manual wheelchair during repair periods would create a severe hardship. If a spare wheelchair is considered appropriate, responsibility for procurement is with the prescribing facility.

b. Spare motorized wheelchairs may be furnished when an unusual circumstance occurs. In such cases, all pertinent facts and complete medical justification must be forwarded to the local Wheelchair Clinic or Major Medical Equipment Committee for determination.

c. The issuance of a manually-propelled wheelchair needs to be considered for all outpatients who have been furnished a motorized wheelchair where the limitations of use, time required for repairs, and other circumstances create a severe hardship for the veteran.


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