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5.12. Guide Dogs

a. Guide dogs may be authorized for issuance to eligible veterans who are enrolled under 38 U.S.C. Chapter 17, Section 1705. Guide dogs must be obtained through private agencies as the VA does not pay for the animal itself.

b. Each request from an eligible veteran for a guide dog must be subject to the requirements of that guide dog agency.

c. If the veteran appears to be a good candidate for the use of a guide dog, the request, with all pertinent information needs to be forwarded to the guide dog agency concerned. Forms may be obtained from the guide dog agency or local VA medical center. Travel arrangements will be made through the Chief Business Office or equivalent office at the local VA medical center.

d. If the veteran becomes adjusted to a guide dog, it will be explained to the veteran that the dog is the veteran's property and that the veteran is responsible for procuring and paying for license tags (if required), food, and for liability of any damages inflicted by the dog on others. Veterinary treatment and harness repairs may be authorized as repair services under the authority of a PSC or VA Form 10-2421.


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