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5.11. Repairs

a. Repairs for aids for the blind are obtained by use of VA Form 10-2501, Prosthetic Service Card (PSC), or VA Form 10-2421, whichever is most appropriate. PSCs have a price limitation. PSCs are only to be issued by the outpatient clinic with jurisdiction for providing the veteran's prosthetic service. NOTE: The policy for issuance of PSCs is contained in VHA Handbooks 1173.1 and 1173.2.

b. Maintenance contracts may be considered for veterans with continuing eligibility who have been issued extremely costly electronic items, when it is cost-effective and when it is in the best interest of the veteran and the Government. Maintenance contracts are not issued for items with relatively low or moderate cost, e.g., CCTVs, laser canes, optacon, etc.


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