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5.9. Replacement Appliances

a. Aids for the blind may be replaced after it is determined that it is no longer serviceable due to fair wear and tear, no longer meets the veteran's stated needs, or has been replaced with a new device with superior technological capabilities. In consultation with the low-vision specialists responsible for the veteran's care and treatment, such determination is made by the Chief of the prosthetic activity at the facility with outpatient clinic of jurisdiction responsibility (see VHA Handbook 1173.2).

b. For optical low-vision devices, the prescribing licensed credentialed and privileged eye care practitioner or provider (ophthalmologist or optometrist) must be consulted and replacement eyeglasses or optical low-vision devices provided in compliance with current VHA policy on Prescribing Hearing Aids and Eyeglasses, VHA Handbook 1173.12, Prescription Optics and Low-Vision Devices, and VHA Clinical Management Program (PCMP) Clinical Practice Recommendations for Prescription and Provision of Optical Low-vision Devices to Aid in Overcoming Visual Impairment.

c. Veterans having in their possession items of equipment, with the exception of computers, which are surplus to their needs, may return such equipment to their local PSAS at any time without forfeiting their eligibility to such equipment at some future time. At no time, however, will such action be permitted for the sole purpose of obtaining a newer model of similar type equipment.


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