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3.10. Commercial Repairs

The procedures outlined in in Handbook 1173.2 are applicable to the furnishing repairs to artificial limbs and limb components.

a. Repairs may be obtained through commercial sources with the authority of:

(1) VA Form 10-2501, the Prosthetic Service Card, (PSC), not to exceed $500, or

(2) A prosthetic card when authorized by the Chief, P&SAS, or designee.

b. Prosthetic and/or orthotic appliances may be repaired if the cost of the repair is less than one-half the cost of a comparable replacement. The Chief, Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service, or designee, will determine whether it is more practical, from an economic point of view, to repair or replace the appliance.

c. A veteran who owns a VA issued artificial limb is to be encouraged to have repairs and/or adjustments made to the appliance by the contractor or vendor who fabricated the item. If eligible for a PSC, the veteran is to be encouraged to use the card whenever possible and practical.

d. Whenever repairs or adjustments to an artificial limb or terminal device are required within 1 year of delivery, care needs to be exercised to determine whether the repairs or adjustments are necessitated because of defective materials and/or workmanship. If so, the guarantee provisions of the contract or warranty period under which the item was procured must be enforced.

NOTE: VA Orthotic Laboratories may furnish repairs to artificial limbs if adequate parts and qualified manpower are available. Follow the procedures outlined inFollow the procedures outlined in VHA Handbook 1173.2 and VHA Handbook 1173.6. 

e. When replacement of a component still under manufacturer's warranty is necessary, the commercial vendor can not charge for cost of replacement components. Reasonable labor hours (usually in units of 15 minutes each) may be paid. Some examples of warranty items include: microprocessor knee joints, hydraulic knee joints, and energy storing prosthetic feet.


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