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3.8. Replacements

a. An artificial limb or prosthetic component (issued to an eligible VA beneficiary) must be replaced after it is determined that the limb or component is no longer serviceable, or that physical changes of the beneficiary's residual limb renders the appliance unsuitable for further use. NOTE: Appliances in serviceable condition will be used for as long as it is feasibly possible. Useful life through repair will always be investigated before a new appliance is authorized.

b. The determination of need for the replacement of a prosthetic appliance is made and documented in the veteran's CHR by the Chief, P&SAS, based upon physical examination of the appliance for which a replacement is requested. The progress note must document that the appliance has been examined and that it is unsatisfactory for future use or that a replacement is necessary due to physical changes in the beneficiary's condition. NOTE: Replacement required due to physical change in the beneficiary's condition necessitates reevaluation by the Amputee Clinic Team.

c. If a beneficiary claims that a prosthesis is lost or destroyed, or if it is determined by examination that the appliance has been damaged through other than normal use, the Chief, P&SAS, may initiate an inquiry into the facts of the case. If the findings indicate the appliance has been willfully lost, damaged, or destroyebeneficiary receives adequate counseling.


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