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3.6. Stump Socks

a. Stump socks, sheaths, and other socket interface products are to be furnished to eligible mputees, VA Orthotic Laboratories, and VA medical centers by the Denver Distribution Center (DDC), Denver, CO.

b. Veterans residing in the United States (U.S.), U.S. possessions, or Puerto Rico are furnished stump socks directly by initiating a request into the Remote Order Entry System (ROES) to the DDC, Denver, CO.

c. Veterans whose eligibility is based upon enrollment are monitored bi-annually, and the DDC informed of any change. The ROES electronic order must be generated by the facility, which has the responsibility of maintaining the veteran's VA Form 10-2319, Record of Prosthetic Service. The ROES order must be transmitted to the DDC on all initial cases and VA Form 10-2319, annotated appropriately.

d. Veterans residing in a foreign country receive direct mail orders through the local consular office of the U.S. State Department. VA Form 10-2345, Veterans Request for Stump Socks, will be provided with all issues for the purpose of ordering future supplies. Veterans need to be advised that the VA Form 10-2345 must be mailed in an envelope with the necessary foreign postage when mailed through their foreign postal service. Repairs to artificial limbs need to be directed to the Health Administration Center, Denver, CO.

(1) For Allied veterans residing in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, issues are made as indicated in preceding subparagraph 6a. The original or certified copy of the letter of authorization from the allied government must be on file at the DDC to indicate eligibility for continuing services.

(2) Stump socks may be stocked at VA facilities for issuance to eligible beneficiaries where there is an active amputee rehabilitation program and temporary limb fitting.

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