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3.5. VA Source for Artificial Limbs Purchased for VA Beneficiaries

a. The VA Artificial Limb Contract must be used as a primary source in custom fabrication for artificial limbs purchased for VA beneficiaries. However, fabrication may be from VA Orthotic Laboratories where adequate facilities are conveniently available, certified staff is available to patients and prescribing physicians, the time required for delivery is not excessive or will not result in prolonged hospital stay for patients, and the prices charged for such appliances are reasonable.

b. Work for Other Stations

(1) Facilities with a CAD/CAM remote system requiring the services of a VA Orthotic Laboratory with CAD/CAM host system must determine whether the desired appliance can be fabricated utilizing the CAD/CAM system, or if the beneficiary will be required to travel to the receiving station. In order to avoid delays and backlogs in the laboratory's production schedule, the referring facility must confirm an appointment prior to sending a beneficiary to the laboratory. NOTE: Orders are be processed on a first in-first out basis, regardless of origin.

(2) CAD/CAM host facilities which fabricate sockets for distant facilities, where the patient will not be seen and is not in the Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture (VistA), must receive a VA Form 10-2529-3, from the referring station utilizing the remote order section of the electronic - 3 package. For stations that do not use the VA Form 10- 2529-3, a CPRS Prosthetic Consult can be generated and faxed to the receiving station along with a completed VA Form 10-2421. Reimbursement costs for the fabrication of sockets must be negotiated between the facilities and/or VISNs involved.

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