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4.16. Repairs

Prosthetics representatives will carefully review the veteran's repair history prior to authorizing any repairs. Particular attention will be given to the frequency and cost of repairs. If necessary, any case of abuse may be referred to VHA Headquarters using VA Form 10-2641, Authority for Issuance of Special and/or Experimental Appliances, prior to authorizing any additional repairs.

a. Authorization for, or reimbursement of, repairs is limited to the vehicle(s) of record, and includes only those basic components authorized as adaptive equipment. For example, when power brakes are authorized, only repairs to the power boost option may be approved. All repairs to conventional components of the brake system, e.g., brake shoes or pads, turning of brake drums, etc., are the responsibility of the veteran. The same principle applies to automatic transmissions, and power steering. Routine service such as brake linings, front-end alignment, lubrication, etc., will not be considered as repairs to adaptive equipment.

b. The maximum amount authorized an eligible veteran for repairs will be the amount of the invoice but reimbursement will not exceed the cost of the parts and labor for similar repairs as listed in the current Mechanical Parts and Labor Estimating Guide for Domestic Cars, available from Mitchell Manuals Incorporated, 9889 Willow Creek Road, P.O. Box 26260, San Diego, CA 92126.

c. VA Form 10-1394, may be used to authorize and/or reimburse veterans for repair services.

d. Repairs are limited to the current vehicles of record and only those basic components authorized as automobile adaptive equipment. Reimbursement is limited to the cost of the part(s) and labor based on descriptions published in Mitchell, Mechanical Parts and Labor Estimating Guide Domestic Cars, which may be procured through the local VA medical center library or by purchasing direct from Mitchell International, 9889 Willow Creek Road, P.O. Box 26260, San Diego, CA 92196-0260.


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