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4.12. Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

a. Upon payment of the automobile allowance, the VBA Finance Activity will reproduce a copy of the completed VA Form 21-4502, and/or the covering invoice(s) and forward them to the VA outpatient clinic having jurisdiction over the area in which the veteran resides. NOTE: This information is used by the Prosthetic Service to establish eligibility for future actions.

b. VBA regional offices will continue to authorize basic operational adaptive equipment specific for disabilities, listed as part of VA Form 21-4502, with the payment of the automobile allowance without referral to VHA.

c. Vocational Rehabilitation and Education (VR&E) case managers, who identify veterans who may require automobile equipment to enable them to achieve their program goals of rehabilitation services, will complete VA Form 28-8861. This form will be forwarded to the Prosthetic Representative at the nearest VA medical center. VBA program officials should make no commitments to the veteran regarding what VA will, or will not provide.


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