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4.6. Reimbursement

a. VA may not reimburse a veteran for automobile adaptive equipment more than two times within a 4-year period. The establishment of the 4-year period begins on the date the adaptive equipment is authorized. VA may not reimburse a veteran for adaptive equipment for more than two vehicles at any one time. An exception may be made to the limitation of two reimbursements in the 4-year period in cases where one of the two authorized adapted vehicles is not available for the veteran's use due to uncontrollable circumstances, e.g., theft, fire, accident, court or legal action, repairs so costly as to be prohibitive or changes in a veteran's physical condition necessitating a different type of vehicle.

b. If the veteran already has two vehicles of record, the veteran must show proof of disposition for at least one vehicle to be eligible for reimbursement for another adapted vehicle to be within the two vehicle limitation. These vehicles may not be sold or given to a spouse, family member or other party residing in the same household as the veteran, or transferred to a business owned by the veteran.

c. Cost limitations are not to exceed the allowable reimbursable amounts for certain items of automobile adaptive equipment, e.g., automatic transmissions, power brakes, power steering, etc. NOTE: The allowances for this equipment shall be updated annually in a VHA directive to reflect increases or decreases in retail prices.


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