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1.8. Prosthetic Reports

a. Delayed Prosthetic Orders

(1) A delayed prosthetic order is an appropriate prosthetic request that affects the care and treatment of the beneficiary that has not been acted upon within 5 workdays. Requests for payment of PSC repairs, home oxygen invoices, invoices for services rendered, and disputed payment claims are not counted as delayed orders. Different items on the same request, will be counted in direct relationship to the number of individual sources required to fill the request.

(2) The number of orders will normally approximate the number of requests received and may be less than the number of items issued. All VA medical centers will submit a monthly report to the appropriate Network Director on delayed prosthetic orders.

b. National Prosthetic Patient Data (NPPD). A compilation of statistical data extracted from each VA medical center entries to the Prosthetic Package reflecting both fiscal obligations and completed patient transactions. This quarterly report, divided into new and repair sections, is designated by categories of items and services. Each category is sub-divided by unique numerical identifier, which is mapped by Health Care Procedural Codes (HCPC). This report replaces the Automated Information Management System (AMIS) as the primary collection method for this information.

c. Special Reports. Specified data requested to inform the Secretary, Under Secretary of Health, Congressional Committee inquiry, etc. about program performance, expenditures and related issues. Instructions for such reports will be disseminated to the field facilities.

d. Quality Improvement Reports (QIR). Documented evidence of substandard quality or performance of contracted equipment. Upon discovery, the Standard Form (SF) 380, Reporting and Processing Medical Material Complaints/Quality Improvement Reports, will be annotated and forwarded to the VHA Chief Financial Officer (176) through PSAS VHA Headquarters. Concurrent notification electronically will be accomplished concerning each QIR filed.

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