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2.8. VA Denver Distribution Center (DDC)

The DDC provides for the warehousing, procurement, and distribution of hearing aids, hearing accessories, hearing aid batteries, artificial larnyxes, prosthetic stump socks, select aids for the blind and flexible orthoses, and repairs hearing aids.

NOTE: Any changes in policy and/or procedures concerning the centralized distribution of prosthetic items will be coordinated among the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service Strategic Healthcare Group, DDC, and the involved VHA Clinical Program.

a. Responsibility

(1) The Office of Acquisition and Materiel Management (OA&MM) provides internal management including:

(a) Supervision of the personnel involved in the centralized distribution of prosthetic items,

(b) The review and development of the policies and procedures needed to operate the centralized distribution functions,

(c) Preparation of annual budget estimates to support resource requirements, and

(d) Initial funding from the Supply Fund (escrow account).

(2) VHA Headquarters Program Officials provide:

(a) Review of the resources requirements, and

(b) Oversight of the distribution functions in terms of the various VHA programs involved, i.e., Prosthetic and Sensory Aids, Audiology and Speech Pathology, and Blind Rehabilitation.

b. Procedures

(1) Initial items will be obtained from DDC by utilizing the Remote Order Entry System (ROES), an automated process that orders, certifies, issues and invoices local facilities for services rendered to beneficiaries residing within their PSA. Similar or other select items will be furnished to beneficiaries through VA health care facilities, Blind Rehabilitation Centers and VA or contract Audiology Clinics.

(2) Replacement items may be obtained by the following processes:

(a) Local facility ordering for individual beneficiary through the ROES process.

(b) Individual beneficiary requests by use of written correspondence or established VA Form 2346, Veterans Request for Hearing Aid Batteries, and VA Form 2345, Veterans Request for Stump Socks.

(c) Items may be furnished by direct issue to VA beneficiaries whenever they reside or sojourn in foreign countries, provided that written correspondence or VA Form 2345 and VA Form 2346 are mailed in an envelope with postage of the foreign country affixed.

(3) Payments for the items acquired from DDC are accomplished via an established 1358 account. Billing reports (Order Detail by Commodity/Facility) are received from DDC at the end of each month for payment certification.


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