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2.2. Furnishing Appliances

a. In Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities and VA nursing home care units, all prescriptions for appliances, repairs, or modifications requested for inpatients will be initiated sufficiently in advance of the patient's anticipated release date to permit procurement and delivery prior to discharge.

b. Special and non-routine prosthetic appliances will require approval of an appropriate committee, e.g., Major Medical and Special Equipment Committee (MMSEC), Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA), VHA Headquarters, etc.

c. The Prosthetic representative will ensure compliance with the legal authority to provide services as outlined in Title 38, and ensure that the resources necessary to sustain a viable program are identified to appropriate top management officials.

d. The Prosthetic representative will review all requests from beneficiaries or their authorized representatives for determination of whether a previously provided appliance may be replaced or if circumstances indicate referral to the appropriate clinician for a new prescription.

e. In the absence of a Prosthetic representative, all requests from patients or their authorized representatives will be referred to a designated physician or the Prosthetic Team.

f. Personal equipment or appliances owned by a veteran, which have not been furnished by VA, may be added to the veteran's VA Form 10-2319 (ADP), Record of Prosthetic Service, at the veteran's request.


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